What Exactly Is Duratrans?

Duratrans is the abbreviated definition of the Endura Transparency technique. The technique of duratrans is a development from the legendary photographic company, Kodak. The duratrans process of photographic development and printing makes reference to large scale backlit transparent color films. The techniques still in use continue to be adapted to accommodate all other forms of large display backlit materials, currently under development or on display, if you will.

During the printing process, graphics are printed directly onto a translucent base film. The printing can also take place on an entirely transparent base. In this case, a milky backside membrane known as the diffuser is added. This helps to increase the light dispersion across the whole surface. Duratrans has a number of features, if utilized proficiently. These features include good resolution, durability and long color lifespans, the ability to capture larger than average numbers of dots within a small space and as a result of high pixel counts and resolutions better contrast and saturations are possible.

The duratrans printing works can produce a higher resolution than most other printing solutions. Normal prints work around 1200 dpi while duratrans can go as high as 4000 dpi. In making durability and long color life possible, duratrans helps protect prints from ultraviolet light which has a tendency to cause decay in photographic prints. Black opacity is another feature, making light blocking possible. This allows all graphic prints to sparkle if you will.


Transmitted light can also be blocked through the duratrans process. This results in lighter color schemes where there is still place for dark image shades. By accommodating as many dots as possible, the print makes smooth color transitions possible. Color saturation due to high pixel counts and resolutions complete the picture in helping to create the ideal outdoor or public visual displays.

From this last note, you can see that this photo development and printing technique works best for those marketers focused on outdoor advertising display campaigns. They also work very well within mall and public spaces where strategic placings are made in order to attract the notice of the foot traffic.