Lord, change the world...and let it start with me.

All around the world, there are people who don't know Jesus.
There's so much that needs to be done so that everyone can hear.

How will you let God start with you?

Get involved.




Pray for opportunities.

Pray that God would place you in the paths of those who need to hear the Gospel. When the time comes, pray for boldness and that He would give you the words to say.

Give to your local church.

Missions start in your own community. Make sure you are giving regularly so that your own local church can provide outreach opportunities to your area.

Go and serve your local community.

You can start living a missional life right in your own community. Help out your neighbor by mowing their lawn. Treat your coworker to a cup of coffee. Even the smallest action can make a big difference when it's done in the name of Jesus.

Pray for missionaries.

Educate yourself about missions activity all around the world. Pick a missionary to intentionally pray for every day: for their physical needs, for their spiritual well-being, and for the people they are reaching.

Give sacrificially.

Choose something in your life to give up, and set aside that money to give to missions. Sacrifice that cup of coffee, or that extra Christmas gift, or that vacation trip, so that you can support eternal causes.

Go on a trip with No Other Name.

No Other Name goes on a mission trip every summer, and we want you to join us! This year we're going to serve the international community in Nashville, TN on July 12-14. Click here for more information. See you this summer!

Pray for God to start with you.

Pray that God would change your heart, and give you His compassion to see the world through His eyes. Pray that He would continue the work He has begun in you.

Give to OneLife.

OneLife is an organization that provides for the physical and spiritual needs of people around the world. You can give to support specific projects and tasks. Go to OneLifeMatters.org to learn more.

Go on a trip with OneLife.

OneLife offers specific projects to provide for people's needs around the world. View specific projects and learn more about going on an international mission trip at OneLifeMatters.org.


Check out these and more videos on No Other Name's YouTube page.



Spread the word about missions and learn how you can get involved.

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It's easy to pray for God to change the world. What if the change has to start with you?

Let It Start With Me is a song and a movement. Sam, Laura, and Chad of No Other Name wrote the song to reflect their desire to be changed, so that God can use them to make an eternal impact. We want to encourage you to live a life focused on spreading the Gospel, and to take practical steps to make a difference in the world.

No Other Name, Curb Records, and K-LOVE Radio teamed up with NASCAR driver Michael McDowell to bring the movement to NASCAR fans. Follow Michael on Facebook here.

"Let It Start With Me" can be found on No Other Name's album "The Other Side," which is available on iTunes and through No Other Name's online store.