Why & How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

What are moles? Many think moles are rodents, since they appear physically similar. They are not, however, and are instead an insectivore mammal – meaning it’s primary diet is insects, and it is a warm-blooded animal which gives birth.

The mole has a slender nose, sharp teeth, and long claws meant for digging. They are distinguishable from other physically similar yard pests by their dark bluish-black fur and flat feet which resemble a spade.

Moles are very common throughout the Americas, although the specific type found will vary based on your region. The mole you see in your yard on the east coast will not be the same your cousin has in their west coast yard. All species, however, are active in both the day and night, which can make them hard to get rid of.

Why should you get rid of them?

Moles dig tunnels beneath the top soil of your lawn, which can disrupt the roots of your plants, as well as compromise the stability of your soil. They also leave large, unsightly mounds where they begin to burrow which can also pose a tripping hazard – especially in the dark, where they are hardest to be seen.

Another issue is how quickly moles can repopulate, which will greatly increase the damage done to your yard while simultaneously decreasing the amount of time needed for those issues to be incurred. A single female mole will give birth to three to five young, who will be ready to mate come the following spring. If any of those young are female, they will also give birth in your yard, and the cycle will continue until the pests are removed entirely.

how to get rid of moles in yard

Tips to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Knowing what moles are and why you should get rid of them, the big question becomes how to get rid of moles in yard. The easiest way to do this is by utilizing traps meant specifically for moles. A normal wildlife trap (like the ones used for stray cats, racoons, etc.) will not work, because moles live almost exclusively beneath the ground. There are a wide range of available traps you can choose from.

Another idea is to eliminate the food source, so the moles leave on their own. You can do this by using an insecticide, removing stagnate water sources, and making use of an electric bug zapper.

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